Chicory contains potassium, calcium and iron.

The bitter taste of chicory is due to the presence of chicory acid

As for the vitamins the chicory contains

Vitamin C, vitamin B, and vitamins P and K.

The properties of chicory: depurative and detoxifying, with particular reference to the roots, which would be able to stimulate activity of the liver and kidneys.

The trick is attributed to the direct stimulus of the bile, so as to help us to divide more naturally no matter how erroneamnte you think

The chicory would also have the ability to adjust the heart rate, reduce some types of inflammation, and control the blood glucose.


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IL Caffè di cicoria é decaffeinato.

Si ricava dalla radice di cicoria (Chicorium intybus)

che viene viene fatta essiccare e in fine tostata, per poi essere polverizzata.