the seed in the shape of
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the seed in the shape of

The dark linseed is naturally picked from certified organic cultivation and brought to our trusted mill where it is ground with stone, paying particular attention not to overheat the two pit friction so as not to overheat the final product to keep it unaltered in every way nutritvia contained in it.

With regard to the benefits of the linseed nutraceutical you should see the section

the linseed is extruded at controlled temperatures so as not to alter its projectiles and drawn in bronze, so as to render it porous and suitable for capturing sauces during the cooking phase.

The logs of linen are very long-dry with controlled temperatures so as not to affect or alternate the nutritive and organoleptic properties

We report the link of very recent studies of their benefit for the improvement of segbolic pressure and their ability to be strong depressors brought back the link that you could learn more about in the nutritional section.

the trunk of flax seed is seen in a food sachet of 100% hardened paper

 the label from recycled paper

 the energy that is used to produce the turnstile comes from certified renewable sources so as to completely eliminate the possibility of producing it in the creation phase.

it is sold in multiples of 12 in boxes already set up

each pack of 250 grams of product

so each box contains 3 kg of product

2 year shef life does not create stock in the warehouse as long as there is order is put into work so as to always have products with seeds or live fruits

it rocrates that 50 grams of Biaondfood prodtto equals 100 grams of seed or fruit once hydrated

 250 grams of product = 500 grams of hydrated product