That is to transform the power of the seed of the plant into the form of pasta, without losing its properties

We thus fully enter the nutraceutical field of Nutraceuticals (the branch that studies the food benefits for the pharmaceutical purpose of food)

We can proudly say that we are just taste.

no dyes, no additives, no stabilizers, no sugars or powders or food flavorings that are used in the food industry. We thus re-educate our taste buds and our sensory organs to repossess the true original taste of food without artifacts, thus:

1 culturally understand the true taste of food

2 nourish ourselves with healthy products particularly suitable for food consumption without but, and without if.


Without so much need to use supplements ... that nothing else are chemically extracted from nature to fill that void created by the modern environment that surrounds us or so called re-creative

3 for that we define ourselves as rediscoveries of the original garden .... in time 4.0

In other words, we use the latest scientific research as a university field regarding raw materials and thanks to new technology we can change the physical form or give the vegetables the shape of pasta, in respect of the Italian culinary tradition, let's say an evolutionary pass we always keep the tradition of pasta dish, only with different properties more suited to the new lifestyle that is no longer regulated by life in the labor camps, but by advanced tertiary works. So more sedentary and more concentrated we need a different value of proteins, calories and carbohydrates than before

beginning 800 revolution steam engines, we worked in factories or in agriculture and lived on local products

As a result, the increase in population and the shortage of food led us to make two global wars

half 900 with the reconstruction after the war we had to feed entire populations to which nothing was left The lands were all to be reclaimed due to the residual belic present and abandoned on the ground that generated a lot of pollution

there is the post-industrial revolution of the late 1900s (1970/1980) with telematics and the advanced tertiary sector, our lifestyle has become a seditious decismant ... recipes rich in calories and carbohydrates have become superfluous compared to of the new way of life in 2019 so as not to lose the joy of family life, we present again the tradition, revisited with respect not only to human nutrition and its needs. But also of the respect of the land where it is cultivated and in the correct exploitation of the aquifers

Paying attention to a future regrowth, of new crops, without going to pollute the aquifers ... which incidentally are rigorously analyzed in all our cultivation fields.