Bioandfood - Our products

Our products are designed to make the finished product highly alkalizing respecting human ph.

Do not alter our acidity in this way allow following the necessary indications about which only a doctor can give, and following your blood type (refer to the book dr. Mozzi, and his insights with herbal remedies combined with the right therapy ... ) make far more liquid blood, thus allowing to reach suburban areas that maybe ... normally are not reached by the micro circulation.

In this way the stomach during the digestive period not longer draws a large influx of blood only concentrated in the digestive phase .. but it has more to convey time and produce antibodies ....

This way you have a better response to drugs and intolerance, and you no longer feel a sense of fatigue caused by a typical meal, which does not mean that we must abandon the traditional cuisine
indeed .... just make some small tricks to realize yourself that legumes and flour than once as the bread of the poor (chestnuts) (ancient seeds that have not been altered with the phone inactivity in favor of an intensive culture ) and therefore respect the natural cycle of the crops ... create more of the products most suitable for human consumption according to nature

And also 'it has been found that the products based on pulses consume much less water in crops in this way a considerable saving of consumption of the water aquifers
then in a biological process of cultivation not only it respects the land but also the final match any products that finally does not alter the pH of 'man. So we have a triple benefit

 respect for the planet

 the repetto of man
 a saving of drinking water than traditional crops