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The agave syrup is derived from starch of the root contained in the bulb of a succulent plant of Mexican origin Tequiliana Weber Agave.

The agave syrup contains 90% fructose and has a low glycemic index therefore is used as a natural sweetener even by diabetics but they must not abuse it. Agave syrup: properties Rich in calcium, sodium and carbohydrate syrup agave has more than 60 calories per 100 grams. A spoon it provides about 16. The main carbohydrate of agave syrup is called inulin and is perfect for lowering cholesterol. Among other properties agave syrup are:

Antitumor: it seems that the agave is able to ward off the onset of cancer.
It helps the diet: it is a very thick juice that promotes the feeling of satiety and is therefore indicated in case of diet (also because it makes few calories and can be used as a sweetener without that alters the flavor of food or drink).
It helps the immune system: the high percentage of vitamins strengthen the immune system.
Enemy of osteoporosis: the amount of calcium contained in the agave syrup helps fight osteoporosis and strengthen bones of women after menopause.
Bowel friend: inulin and fibers contained in the syrup are good for the intestines and protect facilitating digestion and increasing the bacterial flora.
Diabetes: the agave syrup is suitable for people with diabetes because its glycemic index is very low.

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