Fusilli integral quinoa and eggs BIO

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Animal prtoeine + vegetable protein
Your full pasta
Fast to cook
Take a pot to fill it with water and bring it to a strong collapse, turn off the fire and insert the product for 45 to 60 seconds after that with the colander the product and dab
We have customers directing the product into hot sauce
It is advisable to season with pesto or tuna for all snacks, for those suffering from medullary anemia, or has cholesterol problems since it is a very rich vegetable fiber.
Remember that egg cholesterol does not affect man's cholesterol.

Remembering that flours are not thermo-treated, so do not undergo chemical alteration to reduce their properties, and to maintain their fragrance, quality, freshness and flavor, we come to low temperatures following a natural cycle of the product and its life, so do not exceed Never 50 degrees, so all properties remain intact.

Ingredients: pure 100% organic quinoa flour and eggs from bred hens grown on the ground

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Kcal / kj 296/1149

Proteins 12.26

Carbohydrates gr 43.56

Of which sugars Gr 1.12

Grass Gr 6.99

Of which saturated 1.23

Alimntari fibers Gr 4,81

Sodium Gr 0.11

Glycemic index 25

Produced and packaged at our Sesto San Giovanni workshop in Via Puricelli Guerra 80. + 39 0226220023

It should be noted that in the FERA S.n.c. - Biaondfood
They use beans, lupins, quinoa, dried nuts, spices
Like thyme marjoram, celery and fennel egg shell
Reg. 1169/11 of 190/92

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